GKI Euro Hybridz Table Tennis Racquet

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Description of product

  • GKI Euro Hybridz Table tennis racket with Powerful Hybridz rubbers- A fitting reply to 40+ Plastic balls
  • Flared handle provides the players hand a comfortable grip
  • High micro pore sponge gives increased life to the rubber
  • Speed: 95 Spin: 96 Control: 96
  • Racket comes with high quality soft tatron cover

This splendid piece of table tennis racket is specially developed for newly launched 40+ plastic balls. The Hybridz table tennis rubber in the Racquet adds excellent speed to your powerful shots. High micro pore sponge gives extra life to the rubber. Flared handle guarantees top level of comfort and feel. This racket offers good control over plastic ball which makes it easier to deliver precision shots. Offering great speed and spin, this racquet improves your overall performance.

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